James Lee Burke, Light of the World is best Western novel

James Lee Burke’s novels have become more expansive of late, conjuring up ever more evil opponents and becoming ever more reminiscent of the battles of the Old West.  It’s not surprising then that Light of the World, the 20th Robicheaux has received the Spur Award for Best Western Contemporary Novel.


The Scorpion Press edition of just 65 specially bound and signed copies in a leather and marble production contains a personal and deeply felt appreciation by mystery writer George Pelecanos. He touches on why this writer is held in such affection, it also combs the career of Jim Burke to remind us that he was one of the first of a group of writers that re-modelled the crime thriller from the dusty and stagnant cul-de-sac of the 80s thriller. It is a stand out appreciation and a stand out association.

Published 28 September, 2013 in an edition of only 65 numbered and signed copies.


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