Early Inspector Morse rebinding – Colin Dexter

Colin Dexter, The Riddle of The Third Mile, 1st edition Macmillan 1983. Rebound with five raised bands with maroon leather with an Author Profile approved by the Dexter family.  Twelve deluxe lettered copies only.

This project was started in 2017 when we wrote to Colin.  He was not well and blind. The son Jeremy replied and agreed for us to do this book. As Colin was unable to sign he gave a letter saying that in the circumstances it was acceptable (to Colin) to use a facsimile signature.

The Riddle of the Third Mile has passages about Inspector Morse’s earlier life.  It is a fitting tribute to Colin for his family and his literary admirers.   I knew Colin quite well and did three Morse books with him in the 90s. He signed those books in his home in Oxford when we visited him.  I saw saw him at conferences and would phone to see how he was.  He was chuckle and say he was rushed off his feet by the television people wanting him to do something!

We expect the book to be ready in the second half of 2019.  Price about about £225. Regular subscribers have priority. If interested send us a message.

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