Site Credits


Almost all the the television poster art and related images were sourced from the online TV database. Our thanks to them for allowing us to us the material. We would also like to acknowledge individual accreditation as follows:

Dalziel and Pascoe – pic, renarde; Dalziel and Pascoe – banner, smokeyfingaz; Jane Tennison – Kasurg; Prime Suspect – mogulbasher; Lovejoy banner – BobG; Lovejoy pic – scottmog; Miss Marple fan art – Kasurg; Zen fan art – Kasurg; The 39 Steps poster – Kasurg; Thorne banner – GrfxDmn; Sergeant Cribb – Kasurg; Sharpe pic – neil; Sharpe banner – z9sudo; Rebus banner – crabbie; Rebus poster – gmh; A Touch of Frost banner – sjcato; Inspector Morse fan art – S10; The Ruth Rendell Mysteries banner – redsmeg; Inspector Wexford banner – sjcato; Wallander banner (82505-g2) – emphatic; Wallander banner (83925-g) – barrierfreeman; Wallander poster – sergioos; Spenser for Hire banner – coverblue; Wire in the Blood poster – a5lalias. Permission for the Wire in the Blood artwork also received from Coastal Productions Ltd. The picture from the film ‘She’ came from IMDd. The ‘Shutter Island’ film poster – a request has been made to Paramount Pictures.

Pictures of authors were sourced from the authors, agents or from publicity contacts. Most did not request acknowledgement, but you wish to provide the name of the photographer please let us have it. Many of the older pictures where given quite a long time ago. The picture of Andrew Taylor and Michael Johnson was provided by the Gloucester Citizen. The picture of John Thaw and Colin Dexter was provided by John Thaw. The picture of Michael Hartland was provided by him with credit to Jerry Baur. We are grateful to Ali Karim and to Shots Mag for group pictures of crime writers at CWA or other crime social functions. Also to Trisha Gupta for the picture of Harry Keating on a sofa.

Apologies for any errors or omissions. Please let us know if any errors or any accreditations you wish to be noted. We are grateful to Coopportunity Limited of Bristol for advice and support in the layout and design of photographic artwork.