Retreat to Goodisville – Philly tribute bus trip

For those that are fans of the late David Goodis, some fans have organised a special event taking place in January, 2013 at Philly.

It all began as a grave side tribute but interest has grown and fans come together celebrate the work of this noir writer on a special bus journey.

Goodis is admired by pre4sent-day crime writers such as Ken Bruen.  Part of the interest is undoubted influence on dark, ambivalent noir films in Hollywood in the 50s and later in Europe.

To find out more get in touch at this link.                           



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  1. David Goodis | December 9, 2012 Reply Comment

    The bus ride to hell in the city of brotherly love! It is the 46th year since my death in my beloved city. Cannot wait for the yealry pilgrimage of my loyal friends. Each year this quirky group of like minded Goodis fans visits me at my grave and goes to my old haunts, I hope as many of you as possible make an attempt to join us on the 5th of January. Some times it gets so bad that you………………………