Lindsey Davis, A Dying Light in Corduba


Fluid, wise-cracking Marcus Didios Falco again works for the emperor and goes to the seamy side of the city of Ancient Rome. Popular award winning author of historical mysteries (now up to 20 novels). Thoughtful appreciation in this edition by Peter Lovesey (highly regarded by whodunnit fans).

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Attend a Crime Convention with Lindsey Davis as a speaker and you will hear an articulate, humorous and engaging person that wears her knowledge of crime fiction modestly. She holds an audience – and its much the same with her readers. She has produced a long-running historical mystery series featuring Falco and his girl friend Helena Justina. When Lindsey Davis published her first novel the ground for historical mysteries was occupied by the Sherlock Holmes pastiches, the Brother Cadfael stories and the Victorian whodunnits of Anne Perry and Peter Lovesey. The frisson of excitement that came with the literary force of Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose (1980) injected new interest and life into the sub-genre. This was made into a memorable film with Sean Connery, and the popular television adaptation of Robert Graves’s I, Claudius brought the machinations of the Emperors to a wide audience. In historical crime the narrator figure could be an investigator and the setting of Rome was the epicentre of international power.

Beginning with The Silver Pigs (1989) Lindsey Davis has published 20 Marcus Didios Falco books to date. A freeborn but hardly wealthy individual he has to earn a living by taking on clients. The novels are cleverly plotted, colourful and humorous. Although the Roman Empire is at peace some nasty goings on are always to be found in Davis novel; and through the mouthpiece of Falco plenty of wise-cracks are made, often at the expense of the idle rich. She once remarked that she set out to make Rome like Raymond Chandler’s LA. Many readers will agree, but of course she also has the outlying territories and provinces to colour her stories, and all that goes with them. Lindsey has a strong fan base and this is partly due to her interest and attention to her readers. Brief Plotline: Falco is inveigled into attended a dinner given by the Society of Olive Producers, where he is set up. Violence breaks out and a suspect dies and the plot thickens as usual with Falco being drawn in. Meanwhile, his beloved Helena Justina is pregnant and they must flee.

Her previous Falco novel, A Time to Depart sold out in the Scorpion Press edition and she has also appeared in the Detection Club anthology, The Detection Collection. The Gold and Diamond Dagger crime writer Peter Lovesey was asked to write an appreciation of Lindsey’s work for this edition, published in 1996, signed and numbered up to 99.

4.00 out of 5

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Rating by Deb on Goodreads on June 4, 2012 :

    Deb on Goodreads
    This was one of the best books in the series so far. An important imperial official, has asked Falco to investigate whether or not olive producers are attempting to form a cartel. Anacrites, the Chief Spy, has been brutally beaten, and may be dying. Helena Justina is 8 months pregnant. All clues are in southern Hispania. Of course, Helena and Marcus head to Spain (via the sea, his least favorite mode of transportation) to investigate. As usual, Falco encounters beautiful women, strong wine, more murder, and more than a few bumps, bruises, and lacerations. Lindsey Davis continues to provide good plotting and characterization, and at the same time, lots of authentic cultural and historical details. Another great read!

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